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Why do you need a Will?

Making a Will and Reduce of Tax

It is easy to put off making a will. If you die without one your assets may be distributed according to the law as opposed to your wishes. This could mean that your partner receives less or family members get a share, contrary to your own preferences.

1. Making a Will – Why is important

There are lots of a good reasons for making a will:

  1. You can decide how your assets are shared out

  2. If you aren’t married or in a civil partnership your partner will not inherit automatically. You can make sure that your partner is provided for

  3. If you are divorced or your civil partnership has been dissolved you can decide whether to leave anything to an ex-partner who is living with someone else

  4. You can make sure that you don’t pay more inheritance tax than is necessary

2. Who inherits if you don’t have a Will?

If you don’t have a Will there are rules for deciding who inherits your assets, depending on your circumstances. The following rules are for deaths after February 1st 2009 in England and Wales. The law differs if you die without a Will in Scotland and Northern Ireland.