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Brexit and why you need Portuguese residency

SLM Legal Services PT.UK offers help and advice to those deciding to follow the rules in Portugal and apply for residency, thus avoiding a fine of between €400 and €1,500. Many of the UK citizens arrive in Portugal and never take out any form of residency in the firm belief that they aren’t required to do so under the EU freedom of movement rules. However, under Portuguese law, EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens who remain in Portugal for longer than 90 days, have to formalise their right of residence by registering at their local Camâra Municipal (City Hall) within the following 30 days. The certificate obtained is valid for five years. All British citizens should make sure that their authorisatio

Portugal Plans Loans to Help Firms Adapt to a No-Deal Brexit

The Portuguese government will provide financing to help companies that need to adapt to a possible no-deal Brexit by changing their internal procedures or diversifying export markets. The initial amount available for these loans is 50 million euros ($57 million), Portuguese Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira said in Lisbon on Tuesday at a presentation of contingency measures. A no-deal Brexit could add costs for companies trading goods with the U.K., and Portugal will provide incentives for studies on the impact that Britain’s split from the European Union may have on individual companies’ exports. Brexit could trigger a drop of between 15 percent and 26 percent in Portugal’s exports to the

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